Medical Loan Closet

Medical Loan Closet

One of the many ways SI Sequim is Making A Difference is through our Medical Loan Closet. We loan new and used medical equipment on a short term basis to those living within the Sequim school district. The medical equipment is free of charge to whoever needs it, however donations are welcome.

When the need for medical equipment arises, finding and getting the equipment may be only one of the challenges the person is facing. Sometimes the need is for a short time – perhaps an ankle was broken or sprained and crutches are needed. Instead of purchasing the crutches, that person could get them from SI Sequim’s Medical Loan Closet. Sometimes the need is for a longer period of time – perhaps someone has broken a hip and a wheelchair is needed.

Obtaining medical equipment through the Medical Loan Closet also helps relieve the financial burden on an individual and family. It would be difficult to count the number of people the SI Sequim Medical Loan Closet has helped. What a joy to be a part of that healing!

Members of the community can be a part of it too. For example, if the person mentioned above had purchased the crutches, they could then be donated to the Medical Loan Closet after the person had recuperated – giving someone else the chance to walk.

The monies we receive – through direct donations and through our various fundraisers – are used for purchase of new and used equipment and to pay for rental of the facility that houses our equipment.

Marcia Beggs lovingly handled the Medical Loan Closet for years. Her dedication and service is a symbol of what SI Sequim is all about. At times, Marcia had been known to receive six calls a day. Our Medical Loan Committee members are ready to help. Just call us at 360-504-0231.

The Medical Loan Committee is “on call” to provide assistance when the need arises.
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