VIP Luncheon

Irrigation Festival V.I.P. Luncheon

The VIP Lunch started in 1972 when floats were parked in front of Frontier Realty and it started to rain. The royalty and parade people were invited into Frontier to stay dry. Someone went out, across the street, and got food and hot chocolate for the visitors. This went on for two or three years, and the VIP Lunch began with that original small town gesture of friendship. For a few years the VIP Lunch was “catered” by the Three Crabs Restaurant. They provided hot dogs, potato salad, bean salad and bread.

The Royalty Pageant didn’t start until about 1977, when they started to invite out-of-town people. As a side note, some beautiful lacy looking plastic trays were purchased to lay out the food. We still use those trays today.

In the 1990s Frontier remodeled their office, dividing their large space into many small offices, thus becoming too small to provide lunch and a changing area.  Key Bank was asked if we could use their building and it’s been there ever since.

It is now our pleasure to serve a light breakfast with muffins, coffee and orange juice, and then lunch to over 100 people from all over the state. Also with Key Bank’s large break area and bathrooms, we provide a space for all the royalty to change into their gowns for the parade. Some of the royalty and their support people travel from as far away as Bellingham, which is a very long day.

This is another example of Soroptimists “giving back” to our community. And it’s fun! We also want to thank Key Bank for supporting us in providing nourishment to the Royal Courts from far and wide.